Why Latex is among the top fetish today!

Why is latex fetished? To answer that let me start from the beginning. In our current day and age, most of us have some level of sexual fetishism that we are or aren't aware of. Some deny their fetish, some embrace them, and some acknowledges they have one but think it is abnormal. Any of the three, when it comes to sexual fetishes all humans have them. Among the top things to have a fetish on are body piercings, feet, lipstick, pigtails, voyeurism as well as latex. Yes, latex. So to non latex fetishists, this is what people sexually attracted and aroused with latex outfits are called, what's the big deal with this rubber costume? Do people really get obsessed with them? Is it normal to have it? Like most fetish, getting sexually fixated with latex, rubber or pvc outfits is a fantasy that brings carnal gratification. It is pretty uncommon but in reality it is a harmless sexual preference, as long as there is mutual consent it is perfectly normal.

One big reason why latex is fetished by a growing number of people nowadays is because of the visual porn appeal that it brings. Men or women instinctively go for the sexy bad girl or hunky bad boy type, and nothing gets sexier and screams “porno” than having a wild sexual partner garbed in skin tight latex costumes. It's human nature to be attracted to everything shiny, there lies the latex appeal. But for serious and die-hard latex aficionados, the sheer erotic pleasure of having your skin hugged by a rubber outfit is instant gratification of lust. Latex is a form of fetish that can be categorized as a media fetish. In this type of fetish it is the material that is the object of sexual arousal or gratification. On latex fetishism, clothes and toys that are made of rubber, pvc and latex give the individual a sense of sensual pleasure that fantasize about and need to experience before getting off. So there, latex is popular for the two sensory satisfactions it brings to sex, the visual appeal and the erotic feel of it.

Unfortunately a large number of individuals have been hiding their love for latex, rubber and pvc materials, clothings and toys. They do this because they feel, as well as most uneducated people, that it is something to be embarrassed about. There are a lot of fallacy and misunderstanding on why latex is fetished. If you are a closet latex fetishist, it's about time to bring it out in the open and talk about it. Different people are aroused on different things, educate yourself and educate your partner.